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Paying fishermen to clean up their own mess?

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An interesting program down in North Carolina where the NC Coastal Federation is hiring fishermen to go out and collect old fishing equipment that's been left to rot. 



Mr. Frost has been volunteering with the federation for about four years now for the NCCF’s Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project. The federation hires commercial fishermen each year to collect derelict crab pots and other gear from the sounds, where they otherwise would pose a threat to navigation and marine life.

As Mr. Frost and his grandson tied up their boat at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission boat launch in Emerald Isle, a pile of crab pots stacked in the bow, Mr. Frost said they’d collected about 114 derelict pots that day.

“It’s extra income during the winter months, and it’s good to keep our (water) resource clean, healthy and viable,” he said. “A lot of times you find it (derelict fishing gear) in the marsh. They’re a hazard, especially the one without buoys.”


We'll just pretend that "volunteering" generally doesn't create "extra income," but that's probably the reporter, not Mr. Frost. 

I guess the bigger question is: Who's paying fishermen to clean up after other fishermen? Is that like non-profit money-laundering?

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