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NOAA says commercial fishing down 29%, and getting worse

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Surely, it's not news to you, but stark to see NOAA come out with a report showing a 29% drop in fishing revenues January through July 2020, after a 3% increase in January/February. That's a ton of money not being put in people's pockets. 45% down in July alone:


According to analysts, COVID-19 protective measures instituted in March across the United States and globe contributed to an almost-immediate impact on seafood sector sales. There was a strong start to the year, with a 3 percent increase in commercial fish landings revenue in January and February. However, revenues declined each month from a 19 percent decrease in March to a 45 percent decrease by July. This translates to a 29 percent decrease across those 7 months, as compared to 5-year averages and adjusted for inflation.

Are things getting better at all? It seems doubtful given the current state of the pandemic in the U.S. 

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