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The last state-licensed fisherman working out of Fishtown

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This story about a lawsuit filed by commercial fishermen in Michigan isn't new, but I was really struck by that line I pulled out for the topic title. There's gotta be something wrong when literal "Fishtown" is fresh out of fishermen. 



“Here in Leland, you can’t fish,” says Joel Petersen, the last state-licensed fisherman working out of Fishtown. “We’re done.”

Michigan’s DNR director Dan Eichinger wrote the order late last year. It would prohibit fishing in water deeper than 80 feet. Petersen says they can’t catch fish at those depths except for a couple weeks in the spring. 

The order would also close the whitefish season for October in Lake Michigan, a month that can be lucrative. 

“That’s when we catch most fish,” says Robert Ruleau III, of Ruleau Bros. Inc., a seventh-generation fisherman in Menominee. 


There's gotta be a movie in there somewhere, right? Starring Matt Damon or something?

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