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Just an incredibly sad obit: Ethan Ward of the Emmy Rose

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Just came across this obituary for Ethan Ward of the Emmy Rose in the Sunday paper. So young, and such a classic Mainer. RIP, Ethan, and everyone on the crew. Just a very sad thing. 


At a young age he set himself from others by always wanting to do things his way, which seemed to everyone the hard way. At approximately age 3 he managed to figure out how to unlock the house door lock, dead bolt and security chain and escape to an L L Bean concert, no shirt and bare foot. There was quite a team looking for him, police, fire rescue, family and friends. He was found by an off-duty policeman. He was dancing and having a grand time. This affinity for doing things his way having no fears from ditching his bike with training wheels at age 4 to getting on an adult bike and breaking his arm at daycare, then onto skateboarding, rollerblading, snowboarding, dirt biking, and four wheeling got him the name “Dare Devil.” He loved going to the mud parks. Hence, many trips to the hospital. He also enjoyed swimming in the family pool and pole fishing, rain or shine, with anyone who would go with him.


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