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Do you think this "Alaska salmon forecast" is on point?

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We've got a piece this week on what folks are forecasting for Alaska Salmon in 2021, which is ... an inexact science, especially this year. Mark Palmer, president and CEO of OBI Seafoods, and Allen Kimball, vice president of global operations and sales for Trident Seafoods, spoke on a webcast hosted by United Fishermen of Alaska. 

Both are cautiously optimistic:



“We don't see entering the 2021 season with any real big carryovers. And that's always one of the downsides as we head into a new season, if there's an abundance of 2 to 4 (pound) sockeyes or something. We've gone into seasons like that, and it influences the new season pricing. But as we go into 2021, we should have a pretty clean slate and be ready to buy and ideally put it up in a better product form than we did this last year,” said Palmer.

What are you seeing? 2021 can't possibly be as bad as 2020, can it?

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