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Dumping Day is a little different this year

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I'm sure many of you have been watching what's going on in Nova Scotia with the Acadians and the Mi'kmaq so much at odds. Well, today is the start of lobster season up there, and the clash has made the mainstream media



The largely white Acadian commercial fishermen are upset that the Mi’kmaq have been fishing outside the commercial season and are concerned about the sustainability of the lobster fishery. They see themselves, their culture and distinct language, as having survived and prospered despite their own expulsion in Nova Scotia two and a half centuries ago. 

The Mi’kmaq have been historically mistreated and marginalized by settlers, and endured a cultural genocide for which reparations have not been made despite promises from Justin Trudeau’s government. They want to earn a moderate livelihood on the water, a legally protected treaty right affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada more than two decades ago with the Donald Marshall Junior decision.


Maybe the saddest part is that both populations have been historically oppressed and now, due to concerns about their livelihoods, they find themselves enemies, when they have so much in common. 

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