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This is Brutal - fire wipes out tons of equipment

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Gotta feel for the guys in San Francisco who just lost just about all the gear they had:



John Barnett, the President of the San Francisco Crab Boat Owner’s Association is one of several fishermen who lost gear in Saturday’s massive fire at Pier 45.

"The fire was so detrimental because it took all the gear, everything," said Barnett. He said he lost about $250,000 in supplies inside Shed C, the large warehouse that burned to the ground.

"All I have left as far as crab fishing is permits," said Barnett. "I lost all my hydraulics, all the apparatus to pull the gear. I lost my tanks to put the crabs in, and 650 traps."

Crab fishermen say Saturday's 4-alarm fire left them devastated. They were already hit hard by COVID-19 and restrictions around the shelter-in-place.


That's some real insult-to-injury. Awful. 

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