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Fishermen feeding Mainers

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Hopefully, there are good news stories like this throughout the industry, but here's a great one out of Maine. The Maine Coast Fisherman's Association has begun a Fishermen Feeding Mainers program where some of the under-valued groundfish being caught can go directly to Mainers facing food insecurity, which is unfortunately rapidly increasing during the pandemic, both in the families of fishermen and in the families of Mainers at large. 

Fishermen in Maine have seen the value of landed groundfish drop 73% during covid. Nearly 20 percent of all Mainers face food insecurity - meaning they're not sure where their next meal is coming from - right now. 

So, the idea is that people donate to Fishermen Feeding Mainers, it compensates them for the fish they're catching, and then delivers that fresh fish to Mainers who would love a locally caught and healthy meal, via local processors who package and freeze the fish and then deliver local food banks and schools.

It's food on the table, money going into the local economy, and keeping people safe, all in one fell swoop. Let me know about any other local programs that are developing in your area. 

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