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(Nov. 18) Diesel Emissions Reduction Act: Funding Repower Partnerships for Commercial Fishing Businesses

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The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act supports the replacement of older diesel engines with those fitting higher standards, including marine engines. Since 2008, fleets at marine and inland water ports have been a priority for funding, with $93 million going to ports projects from 2008-2013.

While some of DERA’s overall grants have specifically addressed commercial fishing vessel engine repowers, there is immense opportunity to further collaborate with Tribes, fishing communities, fishing associations, and engine manufacturers to look to the future of clean diesel powering sustainable seafood harvesting in the United States.

Come here to discuss how industry partnerships and federal funds can support an ongoing effort to upgrade power systems for America's commercial fishing vessels, and ensure a responsible seafood economy.

Speaker: Brett Veerhusen, Founder, Ocean Strategies

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