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Stream report from 1907 - dynamite!

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Love this stuff:



In the first decade of the 20th century commercial salmon fishing took off, partly enhanced by fish hatcheries, but primarily due to the advent of the use of the “gasoline boat”. Whereas motorized boats were uncommon in 1900, five years later they were in almost universal use.

“The reported catch for 1899 was 461,460 pounds of salmon credited to Eel River, while in 1904 the catch was 2,664,206 pounds, an increase of nearly two and a half millions of pounds in less than five years.”(Humboldt Times, 1/13/1906). Faster travel made for more fishing trips and fresher salmon hauls. However, this technological advance was a double edge sword. As well as increasing local prosperity, gasoline boats made it possible to come up the coast from San Francisco, illegally dynamite fish, and speed away.



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