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Port of Seattle talks "reopening" maritime activity

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An interesting update this week from the Port of Seattle on covid adjustments. I though this piece was interesting:


As we assist our customers where possible, timely relief to tenants in the form of deferments and lease adjustments came last April.  Our rent deferral programs were open to any upland tenant or moorage customer who could demonstrate negative impact by COVID-10.  Forty seven tenants out of around 200 executed deferral agreements and 31 vessel owners out of around 2,000 (1,500 recreational, 500 small fishing, 22 large fishing) also deferred moorage.

And they do address commercial fishing directly, with some vessel updates:


Lastly, on fishing, the catcher/processor fleet is still very active at Terminal 91 recapitalizing and modernizing.  We expect the new North Star (the one vessel that was damaged in a hurricane two years ago, just prior to delivery) to be arriving this fall from the Gulf.  The new Arctic Fjord is expected to arrive next year. Ocean Peace has performed a complete overhaul of a vessel it’s adding to their fleet with the new name: Bering Hope. These vessels are valued customers providing revenue to the Port during these non-cruise months.  With the fishing season largely over, aside from one large catcher-processor company that had several outbreaks early in the season, we’ve had no reports of any other cases among the North Pacific Fishing Fleet this year so far.

Great to hear that just about everyone has been virus-free on the water.

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