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Precision fishing to the rescue?

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Interesting op-ed in SeafoodSource this week, talking about the potential for "precision fishing" to "save" our fisheries. Here's the gist of it:


SmartCatch aims to address overfishing and depleting fish supplies. For the initial phase, the company is focusing on improving analytics in the large-scale fishing industry. This is a strong first step considering the team’s backgrounds, knowledge, and connections to industrial fishing companies. SmartCatch is offering real-time analytics and an integrated ERP internet of things solution for fisheries to improve data management. In line with our investment thesis, better data and analytics are required in order to create a sustainable fishing industry and improve ocean health.

I haven't seen a lot of data talk in commercial fishing circles. Is this just an advertisement for a technology no one will ever use or does this offer some actual useful information you could see yourself using? 

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