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A nuclear ice-breaker?

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A bit off topic, but it will be interesting to see how new ice-breaking technology affects the maritime industry in general. And, well, a "nuclear icebreaker" does sound sort of cool. 



Designed to transport liquefied natural gas from the Arctic, the vessel, dubbed by Greenpeace as the "nuclear Titanic," stretches more than 173 meters in length, measures 15 meters tall, and can break ice as thick as 3 meters.

Moscow has stepped up its construction of icebreakers in a bid to boost freight traffic along Russia's Arctic coast, making the passage between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans navigable all year round.

"The creation of a modern nuclear icebreaker fleet capable of ensuring regular year-round and safe navigation through the entire Northern Sea Route is a strategic task for our country," Vyacheslav Ruksha, head of Rosatom's Northern Sea Route Directorate, said in a statement.

Will this year-round navigation open up new fishing waters as well?

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