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Happy Birthday Essie!

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If you can make it to 105, you're doing something great. I love that Essie Lindeman, of Grants Pass, Oregon, was fishing in Alaska with her husband in 1936! 



Another interest crept into Essie’s life in the ’30s. A neighboring farm boy she “sorta liked” had left home for a commercial fishing adventure on Bristol Bay in Alaska. She was invited to a welcoming party when he returned home. A movie date followed. After a two-month courtship she married Don Duryea Nov. 20, 1935.

A cross-country automobile trip to Seattle and a harrowing boat journey from Seattle to Alaska found the newlyweds fishing and working in a Bristol Bay cannery in March 1936.

When Essie was seven months pregnant, she caught a cargo ship from Bristol Bay to Seattle and took the train to New York to have her first child.


And I thought the commute for rural Mainers to the pregnancy ward was a long one. 

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