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Will New England Cod Fishing Survive?

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The Guardian takes a good look at whether there's a future for cod fishing in New England

Their answer? 



“I don’t see much good news for cod,” says Dr Gareth Lawson, a scientist who has worked with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He notes that the biomass index for the Gulf of Maine last autumn was the lowest on record.

“The populations are contracting. Big picture-wise, we have to shepherd these last fish through to the future. Sometimes you have to side with the fish.”

Dr Micah Dean, the senior marine fisheries biologist at Massachusetts’ division of marine fisheries, agrees. “By most measures, cod in the Gulf of Maine are at a low point. Many of our fishermen will tell you that they aren’t seeing this decline, and have a difficult time believing the scientific perspective on the cod stock,” he says.

“But there are good reasons why fishermen have this perspective. Regulations shape the way fishermen see the cod population.”


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