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  1. Just had USCG Cutter Alex Haley board us today. Aside from normal safety inspections, they did interview me about the incident. They will be in the area until September 4th when the "Missile Ops" are set to be over. Good to see them up here.
  2. Not a good site to see when your in your own waters!
  3. Russian Navy showing off their muscles in US waters in the Bering Sea. I've had one of their planes buzz me 8 times telling me to change course and go to max speed while hauling my gear. Repeatedly telling me "danger area" and "missiles" over VHF 16. Thats the most I could understand with the broken English. Left my gear behind, called the USCG Sector Anchorage and they said to just comply??? They had no clue as to what was happening. Turned back around and continued to haul an hour later. Since when can the Russians fly into US airspace and tell American fishing vessels to leave and where is
  4. No better place to put those new boots to the test than on this beautiful boat out in the Bering Sea!
  5. Nice day to fly the Mavic. Shout out to my deckboss, Kyle Moen. Found a minute to snap a quick photo. #Bluenorth #Longliner #Beringsea #summertimefishing
  6. For those long, cold days, Grundens always puts in the work.
  7. This is interesting and at the same time, innovative. I like where this could go. I see a huge market for this and at the same time, you're cleaning up the yards. It's a win-win! I will definitely be a buyer!
  8. Those good looking Xtra Tuffs would look pretty sweet walking around this good looking boat! #BlueNorth #Longliner #Bering Sea #MavicPro 2
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