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  1. Pretty cool project underway to upcycle nets into Grundens gear:




    “Our statement as a brand is ‘we are fishing,’” said Mat Jackson, Grundens chief marketing officer. “We believe it’s really important to use our brand voice and strength to help protect and maintain healthy marine environments and to lend a hand where we can. But at some point, you’ve got to just start doing it and making the process happen. And when talking with Nicole, Cordova became something that seemed like a tangible opportunity.”

    Jackson said the net recycling project also dovetails nicely with Grundens new clothing line.

    “In 2021 we are launching a full line of products from technical outerwear to more lifestyle casual items like shorts built out of “Econyl” regenerated nylon, which is largely comprised of recycled fishing nets and has been a main source that Nicole has been pursuing in terms of shipping this gear out of Alaska and into a recycler supply chain,” Jackson said, adding that he believes it is “a really powerful package.”


    Of course, we'll see how the new line actually performs...

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  2. Gotta feel for the guys in San Francisco who just lost just about all the gear they had:



    John Barnett, the President of the San Francisco Crab Boat Owner’s Association is one of several fishermen who lost gear in Saturday’s massive fire at Pier 45.

    "The fire was so detrimental because it took all the gear, everything," said Barnett. He said he lost about $250,000 in supplies inside Shed C, the large warehouse that burned to the ground.

    "All I have left as far as crab fishing is permits," said Barnett. "I lost all my hydraulics, all the apparatus to pull the gear. I lost my tanks to put the crabs in, and 650 traps."

    Crab fishermen say Saturday's 4-alarm fire left them devastated. They were already hit hard by COVID-19 and restrictions around the shelter-in-place.


    That's some real insult-to-injury. Awful. 

  3. The big news during President Trump's visit to Maine last week:


    “We are reopening the Northeast Canyons to commercial fishing,” Trump told a roundtable meeting with fishing industry representatives and Maine officials. “We’re opening it today.”

    As you might expect, there were some ... opposing voices:



    Will this be a bounty for crabbers and lobstermen? Anybody headed there any time soon? You think it actually ever opens for business? 


  4. Hey new National Fishermen forum members: You don't have to tell us who you are (anonymous handles are fine!), but maybe tell us how you ARE. 

    - What's your fishery?

    - How long you been on the water?

    - You from a big fishing family?

    - Anything in particular you're interested in chatting about?

    I'm the moderator here, helping National Fisherman keep things above board and make sure this place doesn't get too boring and stale. So, feel free to help me out with ideas for things we should include here. Also, let me know if you're interested in being a moderator at all - as this place grows, we'll need some leaders who can help shape and inform the way we talk about stuff here. We don't want it to be lame, but also not, like, awful. 

    Thanks for being here!

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