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  1. Scary news off the coast of Massachusetts for the Portland-based Emmy Rose:
  2. Ha. Seriously. Am I going to have to buy a pen this year?!? What about a new squishy toy for my desk?
  3. Looks like people are struggling to find good deckhands. I'm sure this isn't an isolated problem.
  4. An online Expo is ... not the same. No one is feeling that more than Salmon Sisters. We all miss the connections we make every year in Seattle. The Salmon Sisters don’t want you to go away empty-handed. Enter to win some epic show swag, including a pair of Salmon Sisters Xtratuf boots, a salmon home pack, signed copies of their new book, and the new design of their Young Fishermen of America hoodie. Leave a comment telling us what you miss about Expo this year, and you'll be entered to win one of these prizes, courtesy of Salmon Sisters.
  5. Hopefully, there are good news stories like this throughout the industry, but here's a great one out of Maine. The Maine Coast Fisherman's Association has begun a Fishermen Feeding Mainers program where some of the under-valued groundfish being caught can go directly to Mainers facing food insecurity, which is unfortunately rapidly increasing during the pandemic, both in the families of fishermen and in the families of Mainers at large. Fishermen in Maine have seen the value of landed groundfish drop 73% during covid. Nearly 20 percent of all Mainers face food insecurity - meaning they're not sure where their next meal is coming from - right now. So, the idea is that people donate to Fishermen Feeding Mainers, it compensates them for the fish they're catching, and then delivers that fresh fish to Mainers who would love a locally caught and healthy meal, via local processors who package and freeze the fish and then deliver local food banks and schools. It's food on the table, money going into the local economy, and keeping people safe, all in one fell swoop. Let me know about any other local programs that are developing in your area.
  6. Looks like the inland Maine Coast area has new Herring limits, as of tomorrow:
  7. Looks like the Coast Guard has suspended its search for Carl Whitney, a Rhode Island fisherman who went overboard 16 miles south of Montauk Point this weekend. Our thoughts are with Whitney and his family and friends.
  8. Hey folks in Mississippi - if you're looking for a lifeline, applications for CARES Act funding for commercial fishing opens today, November 9: For those in other states, be on the look out, or just google "CARES Act [your state] fishing"
  9. Looking for work? Looking to hire? Curious about what people are seeing out there? This is the spot for asking and answering.
  10. This year has been a bumpy ride for critics and supporters of the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. We’ll talk about how we got here, where the plans stand, and what to look for next.Speakers: • Katherine Carscallen, Executive Director of Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay & Andy Wink, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood • Lindsay Layland, Deputy Director, United Tribes of Bristol Bay Moderator & Host: Jessica Hathaway, National Fisherman editor in chief
  11. The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act supports the replacement of older diesel engines with those fitting higher standards, including marine engines. Since 2008, fleets at marine and inland water ports have been a priority for funding, with $93 million going to ports projects from 2008-2013.While some of DERA’s overall grants have specifically addressed commercial fishing vessel engine repowers, there is immense opportunity to further collaborate with Tribes, fishing communities, fishing associations, and engine manufacturers to look to the future of clean diesel powering sustainable seafood harvesting in the United States.Come here to discuss how industry partnerships and federal funds can support an ongoing effort to upgrade power systems for America's commercial fishing vessels, and ensure a responsible seafood economy.Speaker: Brett Veerhusen, Founder, Ocean Strategies
  12. The U.S. boatbuilding industry has been running strong throughout 2020. If you're looking for what’s on the horizon for builders and outfitters of commercial fishing and workboats on the West Coast and in Alaska, just ask the folks whose job it is to pay attention. Speakers: • Dr. Sue Molloy, President, Glas Ocean Electric • Jonathan Parrott, Senior Naval Architect, Jensen Maritime • John W. Waterhouse, Principal and Chairman of the Board, Elliot Bay Design Group Moderator: Paul Molyneaux, National Fisherman Boats & Gear editorHost: Jessica Hathaway, National Fisherman editor in chief
  13. This workshop offered businesses the opportunity to learn about regional workforce training programs and partnership opportunities - including programs that will pay for your apprenticeships and student training programs. You heard how easy it is to become a mentor, create an apprenticeship program, successfully reach out and engage communities of color and women for your workforce, and get your business involved with creating the next generation of workers. Now is your opportunity to move the discussion forward.Sponsors: Youth Maritime Collaborative, Port of Seattle and Seattle Propeller Club
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