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  1. Hey, if you're on this forum, you're National Fisherman members and so you've got access to this great new e-book put out by the NF editorial team. Highly recommended. It's got a look at what's coming down the pipe in terms of gear, regulations, and the marketplace, over the course of nearly 50 pages. Grab it here.
  2. A bit off topic, but it will be interesting to see how new ice-breaking technology affects the maritime industry in general. And, well, a "nuclear icebreaker" does sound sort of cool. Will this year-round navigation open up new fishing waters as well?
  3. If you can make it to 105, you're doing something great. I love that Essie Lindeman, of Grants Pass, Oregon, was fishing in Alaska with her husband in 1936! And I thought the commute for rural Mainers to the pregnancy ward was a long one.
  4. Here's information for Massachusetts fishermen on how to access funds from the Covid relief program set up and funded by the federal government: If you're in another state, a quick google search should uncover similar plans from your state regulatory agency.
  5. This is my favorite post in the Forum so far!
  6. Crazy to see it laid out so plainly like that. Ho-hum, "Missile operations."
  7. Wow. This is crazy. Just found a story about this. Can't believe this isn't a bigger story!
  8. Huh. Never thought much about Detroit's commercial fishing operations, but the Detroit News has a cool historical feature this week. Nice fish!
  9. Post here, or in any thread you like. If you've already got an account, you're not eligible for this particular contest, but you can engage in this one if you'd like:
  10. The Gloucester Times reports that the state of Massachusetts is looking to extend the fishing season in some areas, due to the Covid impact on commercial fishing. It will be interesting to see if other states follow suit and whether we see season extensions in other areas.
  11. The Brits have been looking into whether European lobsters are bothered by offshore wind development. Their findings? Offshore wind developed Orsted is one of the study's sponsors, but so is the Holderness Fishing Industry Group, so maybe it's not completely bunk.
  12. Pretty interesting story here about a University of Rhode Island researcher who's looking to map where commercial fishing activity actually happens and how it would actually come into contact with offshore wind development, if at all: Also, I love that he randomly picked squid.
  13. The Hill finds that the lobstermen of Stonington, Maine, aren't exactly psyched to head 100 miles southeast:
  14. Interesting article in the Portland Press Herald today about the University of Maine entering into a BIG public-private operation to explore offshore wind: Seems like they're going to need a LOT of traffic getting people there and back; farther from shore means more difficult for people to get there, too. How will that affect fishing?
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