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    Okay, folks, we need to get this forum moving. We can see people stopping into read, but you're not making the jump to create a profile and post! We have to change that. This is a great opportunity for some important discourse on the commercial fishing industry (and some fun!), but it doesn't work without you. So, Grundéns has generally offered up some incentive: Each month for the next three months three lucky profiles will get free Grundéns gear - T-shirts, hats, it's a surprise! - at the end of the month. That's nine winners in three months. Better odds than winning most stuff. And we'll give you bonus points for posting in a thread. So, in short: - Create a profile - Post in a thread - Get entered each month for a random drawing for Grundéns gear. What are you waiting for?
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    The last fish expo my family and I attended was back in 2018. My girls loved everything about it and have since talked about wanting to go back. I think loading up on all the chocolate, pens, hats and even new boots was the highlight of their trip that year. A bonus was for our girls to see their Papa’s boat named after their daddy on one of the displays! 🙂 I hope we will be able to attend another expo in person in the near future! I hope everyone stays safe, and I look forward to checking out the new cookbook from the Salmon Sisters! 🌊
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    Things I miss about the Expo? Where do I freaking start? 1. I miss Seattle and my clean hotel room where the Room Fairy comes to replace my toilet paper. 2. I miss all the free chocolate. 3. I miss my free pens!! I actually have stooped to swiping pens from the bank. They are soooooo boring. 4. I miss seeing my friends. 5. I miss my tribe. Down here in California, I am so weary of trying to explain commercial fishing to people. 6. I miss all the positive energy, that we're fighting the same battle. 7. Of course I miss checking out what's new in the fish business. Should I go on or shall I just relive the last years on my facebook posts? Stay Safe Everyone.
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    I miss the expo because of it being an expo. Online you don’t get to meet and see the faces of those in the industry and well it’s just not the same.
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    I've been to the expo for several years. Today I am attending virtually, and it certainly is not the same!!!! I usually meet my husband there, go from one exhibit to another, try not to spend too much $$$, laugh with our "Alaska Family", head to the beer garden and try to win Seahawks tickets, go to the company party, hear about last nights pub crawl (too old for that now, thank GAWD!!!!) I just miss it! It's like a mini-vacation. I miss looking at the Salmon Sisters boots and just EVERYTHING!!!! WARM WISHES AND STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!!
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    Ha. Seriously. Am I going to have to buy a pen this year?!? What about a new squishy toy for my desk?
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    The Expo is such a great event. I know we are really bummed not being able to be there in person to meet everyone like years past.
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    We are missing the opportunity to touch base with all of our friends and contacts in the industry, as well as doing our safety demo/talk! I had such a great time getting to meet many people I've only talked to on the phone or through email. Expo is such a great platform for networking, and for us, expanding our instructor network.
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    This was going to be my first in person expo, and then of course COVID has kept raging. So I am saddened to not be able to interact in person with the lectures and the experienced fishermen, and suppliers alike. I do appreciate having this over internet, in the present world being able to adapt is important. And being able to stay connected and educated is important too. Hopefully everyone is staying hopeful for a positive future for us and the fish!
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    An online Expo is ... not the same. No one is feeling that more than Salmon Sisters. We all miss the connections we make every year in Seattle. The Salmon Sisters don’t want you to go away empty-handed. Enter to win some epic show swag, including a pair of Salmon Sisters Xtratuf boots, a salmon home pack, signed copies of their new book, and the new design of their Young Fishermen of America hoodie. Leave a comment telling us what you miss about Expo this year, and you'll be entered to win one of these prizes, courtesy of Salmon Sisters.
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    Scandies Rose Alaska king crab vessel build at 1:50 scale created by Isaksen Scale Models
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    My family is big in the commercial fishing industry, so missing out on Fish Expo 2020 is almost missing out on 'family time'. Every year at expo, we travel sometimes hundreds of miles just to make it to the open bar so we can bullshit with our friends and take over the Trident party (maybe they would consider giving us a bigger portion of crab this year... I can't fill up on crab tails and cocktail sauce). I have so many memories just in that part of Seattle and I hold them precious to me, especially now. All we can hope for is a better expo next year, and a good season in 2021!
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    The U.S. boatbuilding industry has been running strong throughout 2020. If you're looking for what’s on the horizon for builders and outfitters of commercial fishing and workboats on the West Coast and in Alaska, just ask the folks whose job it is to pay attention. Speakers: • Dr. Sue Molloy, President, Glas Ocean Electric • Jonathan Parrott, Senior Naval Architect, Jensen Maritime • John W. Waterhouse, Principal and Chairman of the Board, Elliot Bay Design Group Moderator: Paul Molyneaux, National Fisherman Boats & Gear editorHost: Jessica Hathaway, National Fisherman editor in chief
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    It is certainly disappointing that we will not be able to meet face to face at PME this year - it has always been an event I looked forward to so that I could talk to the fishermen as well as give advice to any of the young people looking to make a career in the naval architecture/marine engineering field. I have been with Jensen now for 41 years, and I guess you could say I found a job that i really enjoy. Please do not hesitate to post any comments or questions, and we will endeavor to respond to them!
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    I am so sad I missed this!! I love the Salmon Sisters and all they stand for, especially making and eating foods from our own backyards. <3 This is my first expo, I'm excited to learn more about the industry.
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    F/V Nor'Quest with another gorgeous Alaskan sunset.
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    My husband, children and I will miss bumping into all our friends and meeting new people while at expo. The children will especially miss the free chocolates and toy swag they receive while we’re wandering around talking to people.
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    I don't usually get to go to the Pacific Expo, but I would have enjoyed seeing old colleagues from around Alaska and the NW, both fishermen and managers. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with the Salmon Sisters, their sustainable practices, and philosophy of giving back. I will be ordering their fresh and smoked salmon.
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    As a complete newbie, I find Emma and Claire to be wonderful ambassadors for sustainable fishing with a large dose of community. Strong, impressive, professional women!
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    Fish expo is always a grand marking point of my year that keeps me giddy for weeks after it happens. There’s nothing quite like the connection between fishermen. We all get fired up, loud, excited and crazy... it feeds our souls to be together. Fishing is a way of life that no one can quite understand except those who have experienced it. I love that expo brings us all together. I miss all of the speakers, the knot tying contest and the fishermen olympics. I miss the late night shenanigans/ pub crawl and the endless laughs of the week that keep me fed for the winter! Don’t worry I’ll be keeping it real from afar and thinking of all my favorite times at sea and in the boat yard to keep me smiling this year! Sending so much love to all my homies out there!
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    I miss seeing all my marine colleagues. It's always such a great opportunity to connect with remote friends and swap sea stories over a cold drink.
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    I miss seeing old friends and catching up! The Expo is like an annual reunion. But I am grateful for my support system and my health.
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    Missing the long term connections in the industry we are all passionate about
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    I am happy the Expo has made its way online this year. Last year was the first time I had the opportunity to attend and it was amazing! What I'm missing the most is the opportunities to talk to industry professionals and others with the same interests! Walking through the aisles in person is a great way to learn about new companies and see what is going on in the marine world.
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    I am incredibly grateful and proud that our community has been able to adapt to these times, and find a way to hold the expo in any form. The spread of information and opportunity in the ever evolving maritime industry is invaluable. The inability to come together in person is a blow in many ways. We will miss visiting with friends and colleagues to exchange stories of the season and remember times gone by. We will be unable to truly see and assess products on display that may greatly impact our capability and capacity. For a large number of the aging segment of our industry, who hold a wealth of wisdom and experience, the online forum seems too impractical and inaccessible to participate. What I will miss most is the camaraderie; the exchange of ideas and experiences; being with my family and friends. Also all those free pens. I love all the pens.
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    Hey Diego @ Grundens! The Grundens team is so generous! It was great to meet you last year!
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    This would have been my first Expo and has been on my calendar for over a year! However, it's nice to see some of the programming offered here online and hope for more personal interactions and exchanges at next year's Expo.
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    I really miss Seattle! We usually have so much fun walking the city and grabbing beers. The computer never seems to offer to buy a round!
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    This is my favorite post in the Forum so far!
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    Those good looking Xtra Tuffs would look pretty sweet walking around this good looking boat! #GlobalSeas #Defender #Bering Sea #WildAlaskaPollock
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    What is the smallest size they make?
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    Sweet. Loved to be wearing them at the old Jensen's Yard When working on Sofia but I guess it will be at Boathaven.
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    No better place to put those new boots to the test than on this beautiful boat out in the Bering Sea!
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    Nice day to fly the Mavic. Shout out to my deckboss, Kyle Moen. Found a minute to snap a quick photo. #Bluenorth #Longliner #Beringsea #summertimefishing
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    I would love to try these boots aboard my 30' H&H lobster boat named Gimmie A Hulla. I fish out of Vinalhaven Maine..
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    This is me in my 30'H&H lobster boat. I lobster out of Vinalhaven Maine. I live in my Grundens!!
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    I need a pair of those Grunden boots after our Vizsla decided to have a good time chewing on my present pair boots. Very glad to see this forum. I’ve been involved in commercial fishing out of Sitka Alaska for 55 years.
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    Pretty cool project underway to upcycle nets into Grundens gear: Of course, we'll see how the new line actually performs...
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    Those good looking Xtra Tuffs would look pretty sweet walking around this good looking boat! #BlueNorth #Longliner #Bering Sea #MavicPro 2
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