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  2. Pretty interesting story here about a University of Rhode Island researcher who's looking to map where commercial fishing activity actually happens and how it would actually come into contact with offshore wind development, if at all: Also, I love that he randomly picked squid.
  3. The Hill finds that the lobstermen of Stonington, Maine, aren't exactly psyched to head 100 miles southeast:
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  5. For those long, cold days, Grundens always puts in the work.
  6. Sometimes I wear my Grundens catching Halibut but most of the time it's lobstering.
  7. I would love to try these boots aboard my 30' H&H lobster boat named Gimmie A Hulla. I fish out of Vinalhaven Maine..
  8. This is me in my 30'H&H lobster boat. I lobster out of Vinalhaven Maine. I live in my Grundens!!
  9. I need a pair of those Grunden boots after our Vizsla decided to have a good time chewing on my present pair boots. Very glad to see this forum. I’ve been involved in commercial fishing out of Sitka Alaska for 55 years.
  10. This is interesting and at the same time, innovative. I like where this could go. I see a huge market for this and at the same time, you're cleaning up the yards. It's a win-win! I will definitely be a buyer!
  11. Those good looking Xtra Tuffs would look pretty sweet walking around this good looking boat! #BlueNorth #Longliner #Bering Sea #MavicPro 2
  12. Interesting article in the Portland Press Herald today about the University of Maine entering into a BIG public-private operation to explore offshore wind: Seems like they're going to need a LOT of traffic getting people there and back; farther from shore means more difficult for people to get there, too. How will that affect fishing?
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  14. Okay, folks, we need to get this forum moving. We can see people stopping into read, but you're not making the jump to create a profile and post! We have to change that. This is a great opportunity for some important discourse on the commercial fishing industry (and some fun!), but it doesn't work without you. So, Grundéns has generally offered up some incentive: Each month for the next three months three lucky profiles will get free Grundéns gear - T-shirts, hats, it's a surprise! - at the end of the month. That's nine winners in three months. Better odds than winning most stuff. And we'll give you bonus points for posting in a thread. So, in short: - Create a profile - Post in a thread - Get entered each month for a random drawing for Grundéns gear. What are you waiting for?
  15. To try to encourage folks to dive into our new forum, we've partnered with good friends XtraTuf to create a little contest. Interested? Do you want a pair of these Swingsaw GlacierTrek PRO 15 in Legacy Boots? They're pretty sweet: Well, all you gotta do is post a photo of the boat you'd wear them on in this thread. In the September 8 National Fisherman newsletter, we'll announce the winner and that person will get a pair of boots. Easy-peasy. And, at the end, we'll have some cool boat pictures to boot. Ha. "To boot"! Worked hard on that one. Big thanks to XtraTuf for donating the boots!
  16. Wow, this bananas thing is popping in mainstream media. Or do they just write this story once a year? Ghostbusters!
  17. Nice feature on Jake Bunch, who speaks with San Fran's KALW about fishing during the pandemic:
  18. A 91-year-old Navy vet thinks he's got the solution to pollution: Air-powered (well, battery-powered) engines. Get ready for your next repower.
  19. Here's another perspective on the monument opening: It's bad for commercial fishing, actually.
  20. I guess if the name of your boat is "Chaos" people should give you a wide berth? Full story here.
  21. Politicians in Maine LOVE to hang out with fishermen because they think it makes them look authentic. But here's a photo I never thought I'd see:
  22. Boy, the New York Times sure does like to write about Maine lobster. Wonder how many of them are riding out the pandemic here in Maine? But it's a pretty good look at what landings and prices look like right now. Anecdotally, when I'm out on the water, there are WAY fewer traps out there. Still, I haven't seen any NYT articles about what's going on in any other fisheries...
  23. If you thought maybe the pandemic was going to derail offshore wind and make it all go away, well, that's not going to happen. Business is booming. The Guardian reports that business has quadrupled since the pandemic started.
  24. Good, practical piece here from On the Water: I think there's a balance between 100% effective and likely to be actually used. If people are using these already, they should be encouraged to keep doing so. Masks matter!
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