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  2. This is a pretty interesting piece in Real Clear Policy about who gets a say when the "fishing industry" speaks: As someone who covers the industry but doesn't work inside it, this piece says a lot to me about why fishing can sometimes seem inaccessible and hard to understand. No industry should be expected to speak with one voice on hugely important topics.
  3. It's good to see Massachusetts and other government agencies investing some time and money in investigating new trap technology: But there's so much more to be done. Even if this tech worked wonders, it's not like everyone can just turn their gear over overnight. The government is going to have to both subsidize the development of the tech, subsidize the swap of old traps for new, and then subsidize the difference in price for a significant period of time. And that all assumes they work in a way that allows for lobstermen, et al, to harvest in the same way. It may be more labor and die
  4. An interesting program down in North Carolina where the NC Coastal Federation is hiring fishermen to go out and collect old fishing equipment that's been left to rot. We'll just pretend that "volunteering" generally doesn't create "extra income," but that's probably the reporter, not Mr. Frost. I guess the bigger question is: Who's paying fishermen to clean up after other fishermen? Is that like non-profit money-laundering?
  5. In general, we don't use the forum to just promote everything that National Fisherman is doing, but you really shouldn't miss the panel we've put together on the future of offshore wind. In short, the wind industry isn't going away. With the Biden administration, you're going to see a huge burst of activity and these states have made renewable energy promises they're going to have to keep. New York along has committed to too much wind energy to just have this whole industry dry up and go home. And the panelists they've put together know what they're talking about and are dialed in
  6. Surely, it's not news to you, but stark to see NOAA come out with a report showing a 29% drop in fishing revenues January through July 2020, after a 3% increase in January/February. That's a ton of money not being put in people's pockets. 45% down in July alone: Are things getting better at all? It seems doubtful given the current state of the pandemic in the U.S.
  7. One of Donald Trump's last acts as president has been to sign the Young Fisherman's Development Act, which creates a $2m pot of money, taken from fines paid by fishermen, to create a grant program that will award up to $200k at a time to organizations working to get more kids into fishing. Read the text here. Of course, you also have to match 25% of the grant, but the list of organizations who are eligible is pretty large. Contact the National Sea Grant Office in the Department of Commerce to figure out how to apply. Anyone got good ideas?
  8. This story about a lawsuit filed by commercial fishermen in Michigan isn't new, but I was really struck by that line I pulled out for the topic title. There's gotta be something wrong when literal "Fishtown" is fresh out of fishermen. There's gotta be a movie in there somewhere, right? Starring Matt Damon or something?
  9. Surely, everyone in the east is aware that the government released proposed rules for whale protection on the eastern seaboard on New Year's Eve (how convenient!). If you're looking to see the proposed rules and weigh in on them, you can find them here. Technically, the proposed rule would: If you want to comment, go HERE and just write your comment or upload your files. It's pretty simple. The comments are open until March 1. If you want to leave your comment here as well, maybe we can all help fine-tune what you've got to say!
  10. Though it groups the charter industry and commercial fishermen, it looks like Washington is one step closer to distributing $50m to folks who have seen a revenue drop from last year (so, basically, everyone):
  11. Really not that surprising when you look at what's happening to the restaurant industry.
  12. This is pretty incredible. A new study out of Rutgers finds that 40% of commercial fishermen did not go out on the water this season. That's a pretty significant hit to the eastern fishing industry.
  13. Just came across this obituary for Ethan Ward of the Emmy Rose in the Sunday paper. So young, and such a classic Mainer. RIP, Ethan, and everyone on the crew. Just a very sad thing.
  14. We've got a piece this week on what folks are forecasting for Alaska Salmon in 2021, which is ... an inexact science, especially this year. Mark Palmer, president and CEO of OBI Seafoods, and Allen Kimball, vice president of global operations and sales for Trident Seafoods, spoke on a webcast hosted by United Fishermen of Alaska. Both are cautiously optimistic: What are you seeing? 2021 can't possibly be as bad as 2020, can it?
  15. Hello All, hope everyone suffers from good health and doing great, we are from khojinINDIA and am interesting to sell online, so can anyone here to guide the simple way to sell online line and what is the processor.
  16. Someone called in a hoax this morning off of Spruce Head. What a truly cruel thing to do so closely following this. Coast Guard was out searching for hours. People need to find better things to do with their time.
  17. I'm sure many of you have been watching what's going on in Nova Scotia with the Acadians and the Mi'kmaq so much at odds. Well, today is the start of lobster season up there, and the clash has made the mainstream media. Maybe the saddest part is that both populations have been historically oppressed and now, due to concerns about their livelihoods, they find themselves enemies, when they have so much in common.
  18. Obviously, the online Expo will continue and we'll be offering more virtual programming, at least until it's safe to gather in numbers again. How might we do it better? How can we integrate this forum better? Any feedback you have, please let us have it. I promise, there's no way to hurt our feelings! (But maybe don't, like, try to hurt our feelings...)
  19. Scary news off the coast of Massachusetts for the Portland-based Emmy Rose:
  20. Scandies Rose Alaska king crab vessel build at 1:50 scale created by Isaksen Scale Models
  21. The last fish expo my family and I attended was back in 2018. My girls loved everything about it and have since talked about wanting to go back. I think loading up on all the chocolate, pens, hats and even new boots was the highlight of their trip that year. A bonus was for our girls to see their Papa’s boat named after their daddy on one of the displays! 🙂 I hope we will be able to attend another expo in person in the near future! I hope everyone stays safe, and I look forward to checking out the new cookbook from the Salmon Sisters! 🌊
  22. My family is big in the commercial fishing industry, so missing out on Fish Expo 2020 is almost missing out on 'family time'. Every year at expo, we travel sometimes hundreds of miles just to make it to the open bar so we can bullshit with our friends and take over the Trident party (maybe they would consider giving us a bigger portion of crab this year... I can't fill up on crab tails and cocktail sauce). I have so many memories just in that part of Seattle and I hold them precious to me, especially now. All we can hope for is a better expo next year, and a good season in 2021!
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